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How Well Would Pop Culture Icons Cope With COVID-19? – PPE Supplier Investigations

It’s a question we’re sure you’ve all found yourselves asking: “Is my Bane mask from last Halloween a good substitute for a surgical face mask?” Ok, well maybe not that specifically, and, also no, more importantly, it almost certainly doesn’t so put it back, put it back now… When it comes to dealing with a global pandemic, though, just how well would the mask-wearing heroes and villains from popular culture cope? And would their get-up actually work in any way as Personal Protective Equipment - PPE?

As a PPE supplier, here at Lemonwe’re pretty experienced in what worksfor a face covering, and what doesn’t… So, without further ado, here’s our take on pop culture icons and their chances against COVID-19!

Some Ground Rules…

Let’s clear one thing up before we start. The kind of face masks that we use are most effective at preventing the spreadof the Coronavirus by those with it, as opposed to preventing people from necessarily contracting it. That being said, as you’ll see with some of the more… shall we say, heavy-dutylist entries, that with the masks and suits they’re wearing, they’re not going to be contracting anything…

Iron Man (Tony Stark)

A solid first entry into this list, Iron Man is clearly taking no chances when it comes to protecting himself and others from the Coronavirus. Suited from head to toe in nitinol (a nickel-titanium alloy) – including a helmet that covers the entire head – nothing virus-related is getting out of (or into) Tony Stark’s sartorial super-suit.

A pioneer of Artificial Intelligencetechnology, Iron Man’s in-house AI system ‘Jarvis’ would probably have a pretty good handle on how to keep his developer and master away from any virus hotspots. All in all, we’re reckoning that this billionaire playboy is probably going to be ok without the help of a PPE supplier such as ourselves…

Darth Vader (Anakin Skywalker (AKALuke’s Father)

World-famous fashionista CocoChanelonce said that everyone should have a “little black dress”, and this galactic supervillain took that mantra to its absolute extremes. Lord Vader (or Darth, to his friends) was social distancing way before it was cool (or, in fact, necessary) and has the facial protection to match!

Formed from a menacing black ‘durasteel’ and featuring its very own built-in ventilator, even if Vader’s mask wasn’tominous enough to scare off would-be viruses on its own (which it absolutely is), then this snow-shovel helmet would do a pretty good job. If he’s coughing his guts out within that helmet, you’d never even know, and you certainly wouldn’t be being covered by airborne droplets. In fact, it would probably come out in the form of some kind of song. Additional points are scored here for featuring a surface which is easy to wipe down. In a decision entirelyunrelated to the threat of being choked by the force, we’re delighted to announce that we’ve become the Empire’s sponsored PPE supplier!... Please have mercy on us Lord Vader…


Famed for breaking Batman’s back, talking like Darth Vader (if Darth Vader had a cold) and being completely and utterly jacked, Bane isn’t someone you’d necessarily want to mess with… Contrary to the way in which the Coronavirus has often been referred to by the people in power, however, viruses don’t discriminate – they’re not good or evil – they just do their thing and infect people, bulging, steroid-filled muscles or otherwise.

That brings us onto Bane’s PPE setup. His mask primarily acts as a pain depressant system, pumping anaesthetic through his body. It’s even got its own filtration system, perfect! Right? Well, sort of. If Bane isn’t careful to keep his mask clean, if he’s not washing his hands before he puts that mask on, then that very same pumping system may be working the virus around Bane’s entire body, with fast-tracked access through his bloodstream. We get that you’re in chronic pain, Bane, but is it worth the risk of the dreaded Coronavirus? Absolutely not! So, keep washing your hands you gargantuan man!

Hannibal Lecter

A particular advocate of the ‘Eat Out to Help Out’ scheme, this fava-bean fanatic may be silencing lambs, but he’s certainly not silencing a virus anytime soon. Not only is he breathing the virus over anybody and everybody who dares get close enough to him, but he’s got no physical barrier like Iron Man or Darth Vader, either! He’s got a hole in his mask, for heaven’s sake!

Something tells us he’s not all that fussed about abiding by the rules or contracting the virus, in the first place, though… Mr. Lecter doesredeem himself slightly, though, we should say, through his frankly inspired use of a straight-jacket, to make sure that he absolutely neverunnecessarily touches any unclean surfaces! You’ve got to admire the ingenuity there! If you’ve got no self-control and/or are a murderous psychopath, then this may just be the option for you…