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Lemon Goes Local: The Benefits Of Looking A Little Closer To Home

Over the past century or so, the rapid advancements in technology have led to a truly globalised world. Production became cheaper, in terms of manufacturing methods, materials and labour, and the diminishing significance that geographic distance played in a business’ thinking, meant that ordering products from across the world was not only viable, it was preferable.

In recent times, however, shopping a little closer to home has become a more attractive proposition. When it comes to food shopping, for example, we’re encouraged to shop ‘in-season’, so as to save on emissions from air miles. There are several key benefits to utilising businesses on our own shores, and the team here at Lemon, one of the nation’s leading workplace solutions provider, wanted to look at some of them in more detail.

Helping the Environment

We touched on it just before, but one of the primary reasons to shop locally is for the environmental benefit that comes with it. Again, using our food habits as an example, given that almost half of the UK’s food stems from outside of the UK, you can see that the effects of this additional transport will be significant, from an emissions perspective.

The premise doesn’t just apply to food, though, it can be rolled out across the board. Consider the difference between having an item flown or shipped out from a factory in Asia, with purchasing a similar product from a local business up the road, or at most, a couple of hundred miles away. It doesn’t take a genius, then, to work out that emissions stemming from a locally-sourced product are going to be lower than one coming in from overseas with its associated shipping or aviation emissions.

Local Support

By shopping local, you promote local. More importantly, you enable local to thrive and flourish. By looking to a business just down the motorway as opposed to across an entire ocean, you facilitate growth, not just for that business, but for the surrounding community as well. A local economy’s health hinges on the businesses operating within that sphere. If they’re supported, it stimulates growth in the surrounding area and elsewhere. Here at Lemon, we’re committed to supporting UK-based manufacturers and businesses, wherever possible, because we know what an impact they can have on the surrounding communities, as a whole.

Look After Your Wallet

You want to be looking after the pennies at all times, but especially in a period of economic uncertainty. A great way of keeping that money firmly within your wallet (made from locally sourced leather, of course) is to shop more locally, where you’re able. Transportation is the bane of many a supply chain, across various sectors. The unfortunate reality is that it’s quite difficult to ever truly optimise the transportation stage of a supply chain because of how many financial variables are constantly at play (both fixed and dynamic).

There’s a common misconception that you can’t find the same kind of deals purchasing from UK-based manufacturers that you can from abroad. And whilst it’s true that overseas labour pricing is hard to compete with, there’s not such a disparity in price as most people like to make out. British manufacturing and workplace standards are also of an incredibly high standard, meaning that when you purchase a product from a UK-based firm, you know it’s been made well, and just as importantly, made ethically.

We Haven’t Got All Day

Linked to cost, of course, is the time taken for delivery. Now, given the standard of logistics and couriering these days, a long distance doesn’t necessarily correlate to a long delivery time. However, it will correlate to a greater cost, so invariably there’s a trade-off as soon as distance is factored in. Either you get the product as quickly as you want but for an exorbitant fee, or you pay a normal price and have to wait, sometimes weeks, for your parcel to arrive. By buying from UK-based manufacturers, you’re able to mitigate that dilemma as a consumer. You can get what you need, when you need it and without breaking the bank.

If There Are Issues, Sort Them Easily

Touch wood it doesn’t happen, but there are instances where you’ll order something and it doesn’t come quite as you had envisaged or liked. You may want to return the item, or get in touch with the manufacturer. When purchasing from abroad, there’s the potential added complication of time differences or language barriers. They’re by no means huge stumbling blocks, but if you’re unhappy with your product and you want it sorted quickly, the chances are it’ll be easier to do that contacting a business just down the road, than one on a different continent where those previously mentioned issues may play a part. There’s no guarantee that that local firm will be willing to be helpful, but that’s up to the individual company!

There’s no doubt that being able to have goods delivered from all over the world has been beneficial to society; it’s opened up a world of freedom and flexibility that would’ve been unheard of, previously. That’s no reason, though, to forget about those businesses offering fantastic goods and services, here in the UK!

As with everything in life, then, the best approach is probably that of balance. Where you’re able, buy local, but don’t lose sleep over it if you can’t! So, if you’d like to find out more about our work as a nationwide workplace solutions provider, then get in touch! Contact Lemon today on 0333 241 6950. Or visit our instagram to see more of the products and services we have on offer.