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Lemon PPE Distributor: The COVID-19 Essentials Kit

Before 2020 came around, you may have been forgiven for not knowing about the term ‘PPE’ or ‘Personal Protective Equipment’. Nowadays, however, it’s all that’s on anybody’s lips. Whilst we all hang collective hope on the development of a vaccine for the virus, this is most likely some time off yet (there are even those who claim a vaccine may not be on the cards, warding us against the idea of a miracle ‘silver bullet’). With that in mind, the elevated levels of hygiene now expected of us look set to continue, both now and long into the future – which is no bad thing!

The team here at Lemon, a prominent UK PPE distributor, has put together a COVID-19 essentials kit, so that you’re never caught short when it comes to your cleanliness! We’re all more aware now, but we’re also more anxious to stay safe now, and our little collection will help you do exactly that. So, what exactly can you expect to find inside this box of germ-free goodness?

Surface Disinfectant, Hand Gel And Alcohol Wipes

When it comes to virus transmission, high-touch points are where a lot of the damage is done. Because of this, it’s critical that surfaces are cleaned regularly (especially those surfaces which are touched frequently). Our kit comes with OXYL PRO surface disinfectant (which can also be used to disinfect your hands) as well as Cobra alcohol-based hand gel. Given that the virus is thought to stay on surfaces for upwards of 72 hours on some materials (according to the World Health Organisation), surfaces must be wiped down as regularly as possible, and as thoroughly as possible. The range of sprays, wipes and gels we offer as a PPE distributor help achieve this standard of cleanliness.

Contactless Infrared Thermometer

As we’re sure you’re all aware by now, alongside a continuous cough, one of the main symptoms of the Coronavirus is a high temperature. In fact, the guidance says that it needn’t even be a measurably high temperature, simply being hot to the touch may well be a sign of COVID. By checking with a thermometer, however, you can much more easily put your mind at ease. For more details about the symptoms of the Coronavirus, check out the NHS’ specific guidance here.

The (absolutely necessary) nature of social distancing presents something of a difficulty, however, when it comes to measuring temperatures – especially in offices, retail and hospitality settings. How can you measure someone’s temperature when you’re not allowed to get up close and personal? The easiest way around this is to use a completely contactless infrared thermometer. These bits of kit - which look a little bit like a traffic officer’s speed gun! - give a quick, easy and (most importantly) accurate temperature reading; they are very much going to become a staple of PPE distributors, moving forward.

Face Masks And Gloves

The odd spot breaking out on your face is an incredibly small price to pay when compared with the risk of virus transmission. Whilst not everybody is able to wear a mask because of medical reasons, those who can should, especially in confined spaces, or areas where social distancing is less practical. Of course, wearing these kinds of face coverings isn’t something that most of us are used to, and it’s only human to forget your mask once in a while. We can’t be the only ones who have set off somewhere in the car, only to turn back a few minutes later upon realising we’ve forgotten our mask! An easy way around this is to have a plentiful supply of masks, so that you’re prepared wherever you are, whether you’re at home, out and about or at work.

At The End Of The Day, It’s Better To Be Safe Than Sorry…

Contrary to what some people seem to believe, the Coronavirus has not simply “gone away”. We’re all fed up of it, we’re all sick to death, I’m sure, of hearing the words ‘unprecedented’, ‘uncertainty’ and ‘daily cases’. However, it’s still very much a threat to the United Kingdom, one which deserves our attention, respect and due diligence. ‘It’s better to be safe than sorry’ is an old adage but it’s one that still stands up today. When it comes to a global virus, after all, a bit of over-preparedness won’t cause any harm, and with the ever-looming threat of a second virus wave – whether now or months into the future – having an ample supply of hygiene supplies will help allay your anxieties moving forward.

This kit is currently available from Lemon for £94.95 (including VAT and with free delivery). By ordering one of our kits, you’re making sure you’re that you’re as protected from the virus as possible (whether that be in a personal or professional setting). So, if you’d like to find out more about our work as a PPE distributor, then get in touch! Contact Lemon today by emailing us info@lemon.co.uk or calling us on 0333 241 6950

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