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Lemon Talks: Learning To Live With The Virus

There’s an old trope in horror films, particularly surrounding how to kill a werewolf. The answer? A silver bullet. It’s the ultimate monster-stopping tool, the miracle solution to a problem. In recent times, the term’s been used to describe our thoughts on a potential vaccine for the Coronavirus. Yet scientists have been keen to warn us against pinning all our hopes on such a vaccine, instead reiterating the notion that we learn to live with the virus, rather than in fear of it. To do so, there’s one thing we all need to remember and that’s to live with care, but we’ll come onto that later.

First, though, the team here at Lemon, who amongst other things offer an extensive range of workplace and PPE solutions, wanted to explore why as a society we’ve no option but to adapt for the foreseeable future. At the time of writing, we’re just about to go back into a second lockdown, here in England, so it’s worth remembering some key facts so that we can make this lockdown, the last lockdown.

An Update On Potential Vaccines

Let’s first address the infectious elephant in the room, and that’s the promise of a vaccine. Vaccines are biological preparations usually comprising an agent which is similar to that of the infectious pathogen you’re trying to combat. By triggering an immune response, they enable the human body to counteract that pathogen should it enter the body in the future. They’ve been used for over a century to counter a huge number of infectious diseases, and have saved millions of lives, worldwide. So, yes, the hope of scientists worldwide is unquestionably that we discover an effective vaccine against COVID-19.

The reality, however, is that there’s no guarantee that such a vaccine will be discovered, and even if there is, there’s a huge amount of work needed to scale it up to be rolled out, globally. That’s not to scaremonger, and leading scientists from several nations are currently making progress with several potential vaccine strains that hold significant promise. The point is, though, that it’s foolish to pin everything on something that might not come, at least not for some months yet.

Testing Is Still Patchy, To Say The Least

Shortages in tests, delays in hearing your results, being told to travel halfway across the country to actually get a test, whether you agree with the test, trace and isolate program being taken away from the NHS or not, there’s no getting around the fact that it is struggling to cope with demand. Just as with the vaccine, many people seemed to take it as a free pass to go back to ‘normal living’. However even if the system was fully-functioning (which, again, it currently isn’t) then testing is not one hundred percent fool proof.

Care – The One Virus Variable That You Get ToControl

So, with the promise of a vaccine still a while off yet, and with the UK’s testing programme in reverse, if anything, there’s one thing we can all come back to which will help prevent any further lockdowns after this (hopefully) short, sharp stint before Christmas – and that’s care. You can call it care, you can call it common sense, but it all comes back to the central tenet of preventing virus transmission, and that’s (to paraphrase our own Government) washing your hands, covering your face and making space.

It’s All In The Mind

What’s required, then, is a shift in mind-set. When you accept the fact that we’re exceedingly unlikely to go back to a pre-virus way of living anytime soon, that there’s no one ‘answer’, then you take a great weight off your shoulders. That acceptance, that recognition that those changes you’re having to make are slight, at worst, is the single-best thing you can take from this next lockdown. That way, we can all go about our lives more confident in the knowledge that we won’t be subject again to the kind of stresses that lockdowns bring with them, whilst at the same time live our lives, themselves, in a more fulfilling and ‘normal’ way.

In other words, the best way of living normally is to live with this new normal, and not butt against it. Unfortunately, viruses don’t much care for whether you’re fed up or fatigued with lockdowns, in fact they don’t ‘care’ at all – they simply infect and reproduce. The best bet no more lockdowns? Hand sanitizer, a mask and a bit of spatial awareness – it’s not that much when you think about it! And if you’re running low on those items, then we’ve heard there’s a certain fruit-themed PPE supplier who’ve got you covered…

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