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Modern Workplace Solutions: The Hybrid Workplace

It’s no hyperbole to say that the changes implemented within the office workplace over the past few months are the amongst the most dramatic to be seen within recent times. The transition to a remote working set-up (and then subsequently back again) saw employers scurry to ‘COVID-secure’ their physical workplace, whilst at the same time ensuring that the wellbeing of their working-from-home cohort remained as high as possible.

Now, employers are increasingly recognising that catering to a hybridstyle of working, one in which employees are afforded much greater levels of flexibility than before, might be the most effective in ensuring the longevity of their workforce, moving forward. The team here at Lemon Worldwide, who offers a comprehensive range of workplace solutions, wanted to examine the concept of the ‘hybrid’ employee in a little more detail.

What Is It?

Before we do anything else, though, it’s probably worth setting out what the term actually refers to. The word ‘hybrid’, in this context, refers to a certain type of remote-working. It references an employee that spends some of their time in the office and some working from home. It is the ultimate form of flexi-workingand is very much suited to the modern-day employee, especially given the events of this year.

The Benefits

Whilst the recent news of a potential vaccine roll-out is, of course, to be welcomed, even with its introduction we’ll still be living with this virus for the next few months yet. Living with these constraints (which are constantly reshaping and morphing) breeds uncertainty, and this uncertainty in turn requires flexibility, from the perspective of employees. The hybrid workplace enables this kind of flexible, agile working in abundance. Some of the work style’s main benefits include:

Optimised Levels Of Productivity

An issue regularly flagged by those fully remote working, during the first lockdown, was that after a certain period their productivity started to wane. For many, there was only so much ‘Zooming’ that you could do. Too much time spent away from their work community led to a feeling of stagnation, Groundhog Day, if you will. By balancing in-situ working with remote working, however, neither format becomes stale or too much of a chore.

In this way, employee productivity remains as high as possible. If the employee feels that they’re starting to flag whilst working from home, for example, then they can go into the office knowing that being surrounded by colleagues will help pick them back up again. In many ways, then, hybridworking is the ultimate workplace solution!

A Happier Workforce

Hybridworking unquestionably leads towards a happier workforce, overall. With a hybrid model, employees feel they have more agency over their lives (this, as opposed to feeling beholden to their workplace or employer in any way).

The greater freedom that accompanies hybrid working in turn builds a loyalty and respect for the employer, rather than an apathy, or worse yet, any kind of active resentment. In the eyes of the employee, they’re being enabled to live life more as they’d like to – more around them – and that can only be seen as a good thing.

How To Make Hybrid Working Work As An Employer

As it currently stands, a large part of successfully implementing an agile work model is to thoroughly COVID-secure your workspace. This way, the hybrid worker will have no qualms about splitting their time between work and home. If you’ve not put suitable provision in place, then you’re likely to see employees requesting instead to work fully from home – something which we’ve seen can lead to a gradual decline in productivity and quality. To make sure they feel safe, then, you need to provide COVID workplace solutions. This means, if possible, providing each individual employee with their own hygiene and PPE supplies (their own ‘cleaning kit’, in essence). Whilst some employees will be satisfied with this provision, other more health-conscious individuals will understandably want more done. That’s why it makes sense as an employer to install Perspex screens, one-way systems and offer temperature readings.

Find Out More About Our Workplace Solutions

Flexible working was already becoming more commonplace pre-pandemic, if you look at the proliferation in shared workspaces and hot-desking that major UK cities were seeing, but it’s become even more important now. Preparedness is the most important factor in successfully delivering this model of working so that your employees feel fully safe when they’re at the office, but also ensuring that they’re properly supported whilst working from home.

The hybridworkplace very much depends on the harmonious balancing of these two component parts. So, if you’d like to find out more about our workplace solutions, suited for both the office and home environment alike, then get in touch! Contact Lemon Worldwide today by emailing at info@lemon.co.uk or by calling us on 0333 241 6950. Or head over to our LinkedIn and Like our lemon page to keep up to date with the latest products and offers.