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Not Every Problem In The Workplace Can Be Seen: Lemon Looks Inward

Here at Lemon Worldwide, we’ve become used to helping solve practical workplace problems through our efforts as a workplace solutions provider. Whether you work in an office, in the hospitality sector, in retail or anywhere else, however, not all the problems you’re faced with can be solved with an easy practical solution. Sometimes the stress of a job can manifest itself in hidden ways, with work-life balance quickly going out of the window, the calm exterior belying a frenetic inner turmoil.

Mental health has taken up an increasing proportion of the workplace discourse over the past few years, and rightly so. This year, however, has been something else altogether, what with the spanner that COVID-19 has thrown into the works, and so the team at Lemonthought it would be appropriate to look at mental health within the workplace, and how it should be approached moving forward.

The Magic of Mindfulness

The art of mindfulness has taken off in recent times, so much so that many people simply view it as a fad, a commercial capitalisation of a genuinely useful trend. Look beyond the endless mindfulness ‘kits’ online (and there really do seem to be endless guides, colouring books and online courses on the topic), however, and you’ll find a self-help technique grounded in fact – it’s even promoted by the NHS! Mindfulness is a meditative practice which places an emphasis on being more aware, or ‘mindful’, of your present feelings and emotions, rather than getting caught up worrying about things out of your control from both the past, and looking towards the future.

We’re living in a frantic world, one where social media and technology can make it hard to switch. We offer bespoke branding and office accessories as part of our workplace solutions, and we’re constantly amazed at the sheer range of tech which we’re being asked to now personalise. It’s no wonder that we collectively feel like we can’t switch off, because it’s made very difficult for us to! That’s why going out of your way to practice mindfulness, although difficult at first, can be so beneficial for your mental wellbeing.

Lemon’s Quick Guide To Mindful Meditation

Step 1:

Find somewhere that’s comfortable and, preferably, quiet, and take a seat. For longer sessions of mindfulness, finding somewhere to sit where you’ll be comfortable for a while is important. If you’re looking to avoid being distracted for a time, then it’s best you don’t choose somewhere full of distractions…

Step 2:

Start focusing on your breathing. Just keep taking nice, easy breaths and try to keep your focus on that. By placing your energies into your breathing, you’re able to bring your mind away from the nagging worries, thoughts and anxieties that may be plaguing your mind.

Step 3:

Observe your thoughts. If stray, unwanted thoughts pop into your mind, then try not to judge them, simply notice them, whatever thoughts or judgments they may be, and let them pass – and they will! Slowly bring your mind back to the focus on breathing and the present. It’s as simple as that!

Even a short five-minute stretch of meditation in this way can help alleviate symptoms of stress, anxiety and help keep yourself grounded if your mind is running away with itself.

The Best Workplace Solution? Fostering A Culture Of Dialogue

One of the hardest things for anyone going through issues with their mental health, whether work-related or otherwise, is how isolating it can feel. It can feel as if the weight of the world is on your shoulders, weighing you down more and more with each passing day. The relief that can come from the simple act of talking your problems, though, is remarkable.

And whilst your co-workers, or family or friends may not be able to empathise, they’ll more than likely still support you through what it is you’re going through and, in reality, the chances are that more people than you realise will probably open up and reveal they’ve been going through something similar.

As those conversations become more commonplace, and as people increasingly feel on the same page, then not only will a more solid and open core develop within a workplace, one where people feel they can rely upon each other’s support, but the overall levels of stress and anxiety may end up being lower, anyway, because people are less inclined to bottle things up.

How To Deal With Anxiety Surrounding The Coronavirus

For some people, anxiety surrounding medical issues can be debilitating; the threat of becoming ill so suffocating to the person that it can drastically impair their ability to cope with day-to-day life. Even for those people who feel they’ve managed to keep a relatively even keel during COVID, however, a higher baseline anxiety surrounding getting ill (especially now that many people are back in the workplace) is not at all surprising.

The easiest way for an employer to help mitigate this anxiety, asides from following the appropriate Government guidance (which can be found here), is to provide as much sanitizing equipment as possible, so as to put their employees as at ease as they can. This can mean getting in a plentiful supply of hand sanitizer, for example, or erecting Perspex screens between office cubicles. As an employer, all you can do is provide the best support you can for your team; providing them with personal sanitizing supplies is one such way of doing that.

A large part of our remit as a workplace solutions provider, in recent times, has been to also act as a personal safety supplier, to offer a salve to justifiably nervous employees; we offer everything from OXYL-PRO surface disinfectant, to ‘misting’ machines, and personal protective equipment such as face masks. All of this means that you can protect your workplace and those within as much as possible. If nothing else, then you’ve left yourself with a cleaner workplace, which is no bad thing!

It may not be as visible as office furniture, or as tangible as a fully stocked stationery cupboard, but keeping on top of your mental wellbeing is no less important. So, if you’d like to find out more about our business, which serve as one of the South-East’s leading workplace solutions providers, then take a look at our