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Our Office Supply Store’s Top Tips On Working From Home

Many of us have found ourselves working from home over the past half a year, or so. The viral pandemic, and the lockdown to which it led, forced many employers to up sticks and relocate back home to work. This in turn, led to makeshift workspaces being set up and seemingly endless Zoom meetings. For some people, this change in work-life balance brought with it a renewed sense of energy and productivity. A freedom to work on their own terms without the distractions that an office brings with it. For others, however, the new setup proved a struggle. Whilst many workplaces and employers are now starting to go back to the office, a similar number have made the decision to continue working from home. With that in mind, the team here at Lemon, one of the UK’s leading office supply stores, wanted to talk about some top tips on how to optimise your remote working setup!

Work-Life Balance

Something that becomes infinitely more difficult when you start working from home is keeping your work life separate from your home life. Whereas before you may have been able to walk out of the office door at 5PM and leave your work troubles behind, at home that becomes much more difficult to do. There should be a clear demarcation between the space you use at home for work, and the rest of the home, so that the one doesn’t merge with the other.

Another tip in this area is to turn off workplace email notifications after work hours, or (if you find you physically can’t help yourself from checking) then delete the work email app, altogether. Don’t let your work and home blend into one and the same, because, actually, both of those facets of your life may suffer as a result. How? Well, by thinking about or engaging with work activities during ‘home’ hours, you introduce unwanted stress, and that downtime becomes far less restorative than it should be. By the same token, if your work life consistently bleeds out into your social and home spheres, then your productivity may end up suffering because you’ve not got a set and focused timeframe within which to work.

Keep Routines

The importance of this tip cannot be overstated. The more rigid and disciplined you are with your working patterns whilst at home, the more conducive this is to a longer-term continuation of working from home. In other words, it’s more sustainable because you approach the ‘working day’ in the same manner as you would in the office. In practice, this means starting days and ending them at the same time every day, breaking for lunch at the same time, and removing distractions where possible. This consistency will ensure you get into more of a disciplined working groove, day on day, week on week. This is imperative when working from home, because you’ve not got anybody to hold you accountable in the same way as you would in an office environment. The onus is on you, and you alone to get all your work done; a routine-based mind-set definitely helps with this.

Introduce That Office Feel

Few things are more synonymous with an office environment than stationery. Pads of paper, pens, multi-coloured sticky notes and lever-arch files adorn office spaces the nation over, and there’s no reason why your home space should be any different. The more you can recreate that office feel at home, the more productive you’re likely going to be. The same thinking extends to the furniture in your home office space, and even what you wear! Now, we’re not advocating you wear a full suit for a journey across the hallway, but you’re inevitably going to find it easier to work if you make an effort to get changed rather than working in your pyjamas, for instance. Our office supply store offers a comprehensive range of stationery items, as well as home office furniture, so that you can create the ideal working space in the comfort of your own home.

Plenty Of Fresh Air

If lockdown has taught us anything, it’s the importance of plentiful fresh air and natural light. If you’re not careful, when you’re working from home it can be all too easy to fall into the habit of staying cooped up inside. Going for a walk at the end of the day, for example, is a great way to clear your head and get some physical exercise whilst you’re at it. The benefits of regular exercise and access to fresh air and natural light are well-documented (both physical and mental). It’s important to remember to wash your hands upon returning home, however, especially at the minute. Alongside functioning as an office supply store, here at Lemon we’re also a PPE supplier and offer OXYL-PRO hand disinfectant, so that you can instantly put your mind at ease when you step back through your front door.

If you’re going to continue working from home into the future, it’s important to implement (and keep implementing) what we’ve mentioned above. The key things to remember are the importance of consistent routine, the necessity to still keep work separate and to make your office feel, well, like an office! So, if you’d like to find out more about our office supply store, then get in touch! Contact Lemon today on 01403 338 787 or by emailing us at info@lemon.co.uk.

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