With their soft lightweight fabric and traditional cup shape, these Alpha Solway 9030V FFP3 dust masks offer great working comfort. The filter material provides respiratory protection against very fine, toxic dusts, mists and fumes, while the metal nose-clip allows you to adjust the fit while you work. Meanwhile, the inbuilt exhalation valve helps to reduce the build-up of heat and moisture to further improve working comfort.

• Lightweight, cup-shaped disposable respirator
• Protects against very fine, toxic dusts, fumes, and oil- and water-based mists
• Soft, lightweight fabric creates a comfortable seal around the face
• Metal nose-clip allows you to adjust the fit
• Exhalation valve lowers breathing resistance and reduces heat build-up
• Maximum usage level up to 20 times the workplace exposure limit (WEL)
• Dolomite-tested to resist clogging for longer

Alpha Solway 9030V Valved FFP3 Dust Mask - Pack Of 5


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