The NEW Ridgeback® Speed Ramp is designed to reduce vehicle speed and improve safety conditions in residential and commercial areas.

The products distinctive design and the angle of retro-reflective elements optimises interaction with vehicle headlamps to improve visibility.

The latest high performance polymer technology conforms to requirements of BS EN 1436:2018 and durability requirements of BS EN1824:2011.

Features and Benefits

Design optimises visibility for road users maximising performance.

Effective interlocking system for easy connectivity and maintains stability before and after assembly.

Innovative approach of using thermoplastic retro-reflective elements with glass beads for improved visibility.

Channel on the underside of end caps to accommodate cables safely through the speed ramp.

Dimensions -

• Height - 5cm
• Length - 20cm
• Width - 40cm
• Weight - 4.5kg

Ridgeback® 5cm End Cap - 10MPH-18KM/H (Single Section)


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